#1 Nick Davis

My first guest on the show is Nick Davis. Nick is a certified Advanced Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers. He is one of the youngest sommeliers in the nation to a have accomplished this challenging task. If you don’t know what a sommelier is you’ll have a better idea by the time this podcast is over. Or you can go ahead and google it. Nick has personally tasted thousands of wines and polished thousands of wine glasses while working at some very well known restaurants such as Canlis and RN74 in Seattle, WA. He also runs his own wine company called Medium Plus that is largely focused on wine education, service and events.

Thanks for listening to my conversation with Nick Davis!

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    Show Notes

    • How to polish and/or “forge” your resume to land a new job [6:30]
    • How to outgrow being an introvert in the wine biz [8:00]
    • Blending music and wine [8:20]
    • What’s in Nicks glass? [9:25]
    • PRO TIP - preserving opened wines in the fridge [9:35]
    • WINE TOOL - What is a Coravin? [10:48]
    • Working at Canlis Restaurant [19:40]
    • Nick’s definition of “sommelier” [31:30]
    • An attempt to quantify how long it takes to become an Advanced Sommelier [45:55]
    • Sommelier study tips and memory techniques [47:50]
    • Getting to know world wine regions [53:20]
    • Challenging yourself [59:10]
    • Studying to become a Master Sommelier [1:02:14]
    • How to taste wine [1:06:04]
    • How to taste wine part 2 [1:15:30]
    • How to learn more about wine [1:17:05]
    • Great resources to learn more about wine [1:17:34]
    • Choosing good wine glasses [1:19:05]
    • More about Nick’s company, Medium Plus [1:23:00]
    • Why traveling is important [1:25:50]
    • Why attending wine events is important [1:27:10]

    Music in this episode

    "You Figure It Out" by Mt. St. Helgens