#14 Winery Life - Stories from the Cellar

In this first of its kind episode on the Winejets podcast I did a double whammy and interviewed two people for one show. I've worked in a couple different wineries around the world and my experiences have been very unique, to say the least, so I wanted to explore other's experiences as well and hear about winery life from their perspectives.

My first guest is Mckenna Giardine. She is the Assistant Winemaker at Andrew Murray Vineyards in Los Olivos, CA. I met McKenna in 2014 while working at a winery at New Zealand Wineries in Marlborough, New Zealand. 

Next and last but definitely not least is Seth Kitzke. He is the Winemaker at Upsidedown Wine and Kitzke Cellars in Richland, WA. Seth and I went to school together at Central Washington University but didn't end up really connecting until we learned about each other's shared interest in wine a couple years back. 

I hope you enjoy the entertaining and valuable stories shared in this episode containing a snapshot of what it's like to work in a winery. 

Thanks a lot for listening!