#5 Ty Cline

I had a really fun interview with Ty Cline. I was lucky enough to be invited into his home where we popped the corks on a bunch of different wines. He even brought out a delicious spread of meats, cheeses and all sorts of other goodies so we could snack while we talked and sipped on the good stuff. Aside from just being a knowledgeable wine guy, Ty is the Beverage Director at Stadium Thriftway in Tacoma, Wash. You can say hi to him there and check out his well curated selection of affordable wines. Overall this was a really fun interview. 

Some highlights from the episode include:

  1. Ty's favorite wine resources
  2. Growing grapes indoors and the future of wine
  3. The glassware he uses to enhance his wine experience

Wines Tasted In This Interview