#2 Joel Dhanapal

Joel Dhanapal is a Wine Specialist at Pete’s Wine Shop in Seattle, WA. Pete’s has been around since 1974 and is well known for it’s wine and more specifically its selection of Champagne and Sparkling wines.

Joel has been in the wine business for thirty years. Aside from Pete’s, he also spent time at Larry’s Markets which we’re a small chain of fine wine shops in the greater Seattle area.

Bright is an accurate adjective used to describe Joel. His wine knowledge is top notch and he’s just an all around smart guy. One thing I appreciate about him is that he’s a straight shooter and he gets right to the point. There’s no room for fluff, and I like that.

Thanks so much for checking out the WINEJETS podcast. I hope you enjoy my interview with Joel Dhanapal.

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Show Notes

  • How Joel got into wine 3:35
  • Champagne School 7:00
  • How come French wines are popular? [8:45]
  • What's Washington State's wine identity? [10:13]
  • Great value wines [12:15]
  • Wine buying tips pt. 1 [13:45]
  • Weddings and wine [16:15]
  • What does minerality in wine mean? [16:49]
  • Where do some wine flavors come from? [17:30]
  • Selling Christmas trees is kinda like selling wine... [19:34]
  • Selling fine wines in a 7/11 [19:40]
  • Good tip for wine stewards [20:55]
  • Secrets of the wine business [22:56]
  • Wine legalities and logistics [24:15]
  • How wineries can benefit from each other [26:55]
  • Is it hurtful for brands to have too many wines? [27:40]
  • One of Joel's educational resources [20:30]
  • Thoughtful insight on wine scores [30:00]
  • Do our tastes change as we age? [32:40]
  • Wine gifts for clients [33:00]
  • Wine and food pairings [34:00]
  • Good questions to ask at a wine shop [36:13]
  • Protecting against wine fraud [38:00]
  • Best wines to age [39:30]
  • Washington wine recommendations [41:20]
  • Traveling through Europe [46:40]
  • Taste where your at/ expanding your palate [48:30]
  • Wine tasting tips [50:20]