#20 Albert Carillo aka Albert the Barber


For this episode of the WINE JETS podcast I interviewed a dope barber, the talented Albert Carillo.  Albert runs The Barber Lounge barbershop in Fife, WA. I've been watching his shop grow in popularity over the last couple years and the success has been impressive. I was stoked that Albert made the time in his busy schedule to sit down, hang with me and drink some Vega Medien bubbly rose wine at 10am. Albert also gave me a fresh fade and shave with some Mane Tame products which was much appreciated. Really excited to share this interview with you!

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#19 Top 5 Summer Wines


On this episode of the WINE JETS podcast Max gives you his top 5 wines of "Summer 18" (very douchy to say Summer "18 by the way). Also discussed are things like how people in New Zealand talk, why it's ridiculous to skip the white wines at a wine tasting and why it's cool to drink chilled red wine. 

Top 5 Wines

#17 Jack Murrey - Hunting, Photography, Film & Wine

Capture 2.PNG

On this episode of Wine Jets I was fortunate enough to get my brother Jack to join me on the show! We introduced some new segments called "SHEESH!" and "Ation" (which were interesting). We also discussed some of Jack's passions including hunting, film and photography. It was great to teach the young buck a thing or two about wine and learn something from him about what he's got going on. Ultimately the real treat was to be able to kick it and laugh with Jack! I really enjoyed recording this episode. Thanks for listening!


#16 Brian Rudin


For episode #16 of the Winejets podcast I sat down with Brian Rudin - the winemaker at Cavnvasback Wines. Brian was a great person to have on the show! We sat in my kitchen and tasted some of the Canvasback wines Brian made from the 2014 vintage. I really enjoyed Brian's energy and enthusiasm for wine as well is his depth of knowledge. I put Brian on the spot as well and had him taste a wine blind! I hope you learn as much from this conversation as I did.

Topics discussed in this episode

Brian's Book Recommendations

Where to find Canvasback Wines

#15 David Rudnick of Somme des Parties Wines

In the 15th episode of Winejets I interviewed my buddy David Rudnick at his wooden kitchen table while a small wood-lit fire crackled in the distance. Our conversation ranged from David's wine experiences around the world to Vegemite taco rolls. It's a fun and insightful listen. I think you'll enjoy it!

Somme des Parties wine labels from left to right:

Quick highlights from this episode:

  • Somme des Parties Wines Website, Instagram, Facebook
  • Vegemite and cheese tortilla rolls
  • The various places around the world David has made wine in including: Italy, California, Washington, Australia, New Zealand
  • and much more!

What we drank: Rotie Cellars VDP

The intro/ outro music in this podcast is by a Seattle Synth/ Pop band called Weeknites

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#14 Winery Life - Stories from the Cellar

In this first of its kind episode on the Winejets podcast I did a double whammy and interviewed two people for one show. I've worked in a couple different wineries around the world and my experiences have been very unique, to say the least, so I wanted to explore other's experiences as well and hear about winery life from their perspectives.

My first guest is Mckenna Giardine. She is the Assistant Winemaker at Andrew Murray Vineyards in Los Olivos, CA. I met McKenna in 2014 while working at a winery at New Zealand Wineries in Marlborough, New Zealand. 

Next and last but definitely not least is Seth Kitzke. He is the Winemaker at Upsidedown Wine and Kitzke Cellars in Richland, WA. Seth and I went to school together at Central Washington University but didn't end up really connecting until we learned about each other's shared interest in wine a couple years back. 

I hope you enjoy the entertaining and valuable stories shared in this episode containing a snapshot of what it's like to work in a winery. 

Thanks a lot for listening!

#13: Seth Kitzke

Seth Kitzke.JPG

For episode #13 I sat down with my friend Seth Kitzke. Seth makes the wines for Kitzke Cellars and Upsidedown Wine. If you aren't familiar with these wines you should go check them out. All of his wines are legit and on top of that a portion of the profits from Upsidedown are given back to a couple of their non-profit partners. I love feeling good about drinking! Find out more here. In this episode we tasted a couple delicious Upsidedown wines and I blind tasted Seth on a tricky Sauvignon Blanc from Bordeaux. All the wines we tasted are listed below. We also talked about wine-making, Robert Parker, other Washington wineries, life, pear pizza from Wine O' Clock and much more. I honestly had a great time just hanging with Seth and drinking good wine!

#11: Psychology and Wine with Dr. Owen Bargreen

In this episode I interviewed Dr. Owen Bargreen. Owen is a Clinical Psychologist at Bargreen Psychology by day and wine writer by night. Quite the pairing right?! Owen is the Founder and Executive Editor of Washington Wine Blog as well as the Senior Editor for the International Wine Report. He has been writing about wine for over 10 years. Owen grew up immersed in the restaurant industry and is now a Certified Level 2 Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers. Some highlights from the episode include:

  • Owen’s perspective on the benefits of wine point scores and how he rates wines
  • The vital importance of tasting room staff
  • How to taste wine
  • Creating a link between a winemaker's personality and their style of wines
  • and much more!
  • Download as an mp3 by right clicking here and choosing "save link as."

Learning resources mentioned in this episode

#10: Marisa Sergi - 23 Year-Old Winemaker at Red Head Wine

Marisa is the Founder and Winemaker at Red Head Wine. She's from the small town of Lowellville, Ohio and she graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Viticulture and Enology. In this episode we discuss how business ideas and great things can actually come from mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed. We also talk about what it's like for a small business to make a pitch to Walmart and how Marisa prepares for high-stress situations. She took me through this whole process which was really neat. Marisa is a very driven woman. She's adaptable and forward thinking and I really value that in people. If there's someone to keep on your wine radar to look out for in the near future, it's Marisa. Thanks so much for listening to this episode and I hope you enjoy the show! 

Learn more about Redhead Wine on the web



#9: The Wine Sex Club, 99 Point Wine and More - Big John Caudill

Big John is a big dude with a big personality and a he loves his food and wines. I had a fun time drinking Proletariat keg wine and talking with him about his career before he got into the wine business as well as what he's up to now working at Sheridan Vineyard.  Before John got into the wine game he was a shoe salesman at Nordstrom in the men's shoe department selling upwards of $2.2 million in shoes a year! His extra large feet were featured in the TV show Northern Exposure because they were the largest in the company at that time. John is a graduate of the Seattle Culinary Academy and he has a really solid background in the Washington wine industry. His quick witted humor had me rolling at least a couple times in this episode. I hope you enjoy the show!

#7 Roger Gamache

The viticulturist has to understand how to make wines in the vineyard.
— Roger Gamache


  • Why Roger started growing grapes
  • Basic qualifications for a good vineyard site
  • The different species of grapes
  • What's the deal with "old vines?"
  • Hand harvesting vs. machine harvesting

Mentioned in this episode

What we were drinking

#6 Nick Zentner

I call Nick the Neil deGrasse Tyson of geology because he makes the subject easy to understand as well as educational and fun. In this episode we discuss one piece of the puzzle as to why Eastern Washington is such a great place to grow grapes...the Missoula Floods!

Find out more about Nick Zentner

More info. on the Ice Age floods

So about the wine I was drinking for the interview...

Gordon Estates 2013 Block 3 Merlot 

Winemaker's notes:

"This wine opens with a nose of brooding fruit, spice and subtle leather. The palate expands with flavors of blackberry, currant and black cherry followed by delicate herbs and savory spice. The body is well-structured with medium acid and well integrated tannin."


#5 Ty Cline

I had a really fun interview with Ty Cline. I was lucky enough to be invited into his home where we popped the corks on a bunch of different wines. He even brought out a delicious spread of meats, cheeses and all sorts of other goodies so we could snack while we talked and sipped on the good stuff. Aside from just being a knowledgeable wine guy, Ty is the Beverage Director at Stadium Thriftway in Tacoma, Wash. You can say hi to him there and check out his well curated selection of affordable wines. Overall this was a really fun interview. 

Some highlights from the episode include:

  1. Ty's favorite wine resources
  2. Growing grapes indoors and the future of wine
  3. The glassware he uses to enhance his wine experience

Wines Tasted In This Interview

#4 Ajay Iselin

Ajay was a really fun guest to have on the show. He's super quick witted and always makes me laugh. It was refreshing to interview someone outside of the wine industry for a change. We both tasted some (a lot) of Riesling while we recorded the episode so it got a bit more opinionated on my end, but nonetheless I enjoyed myself. Aside from talking about Ajay's frequent wine stop, Ponzi Vineyards, we also mixed in some banter about workout routines, cooking, marriage, cracking old peoples backs and much more. After recording, editing and uploading this episode I'm still having a good chuckle as a write this. I do hope you enjoy this episode with my friend Ajay Iselin. 

What Ajay Drank - 2015 Ponzi Riesling

What Max Drank - 2015 Milbrandt Vineyards Traditions Sweet Kathrine Riesling

 A shot of the Ponzi vineyards Tasting Room March 6th, 2017

A shot of the Ponzi vineyards Tasting Room March 6th, 2017

#3 Yashar Shayan

Yashar is a really interesting dude. He currently runs his own online wine retail store called impulsewine.com where he finds unique wine gems and offers them to his customers via email.

Yashar was born in the city of Tehran in Iran, moved to Vancouver, Washington and then eventually settled in Seattle where he still resides today. There wasn't  much wine in his life in his younger days but he did tell me a story about his parents making wine that involved pantyhose...so stay tuned for that. Throughout the episode we also cover some unique experiences Yashar has had in his extensive wine career. Within the past 12 years he's worked in wine tourism, wine retail, as an assistant winemaker as well as working in many well known restaurants in the Pacific Northwest. Yashar has a wealth of experience in the wine industry which made for a fun interview. He's also quick-witted with a sense of humor (which I can appreciate). 

Thanks so much for listening and I hope you enjoy my conversation with Yashar Shayan!

Where to find Yashar online

Mentioned in this episode...

  • Jancis Robinson - Vintner's Tales old school wine vidoes

#2 Joel Dhanapal

Joel Dhanapal is a Wine Specialist at Pete’s Wine Shop in Seattle, WA. Pete’s has been around since 1974 and is well known for it’s wine and more specifically its selection of Champagne and Sparkling wines.

Joel has been in the wine business for thirty years. Aside from Pete’s, he also spent time at Larry’s Markets which we’re a small chain of fine wine shops in the greater Seattle area.

Bright is an accurate adjective used to describe Joel. His wine knowledge is top notch and he’s just an all around smart guy. One thing I appreciate about him is that he’s a straight shooter and he gets right to the point. There’s no room for fluff, and I like that.

Thanks so much for checking out the WINEJETS podcast. I hope you enjoy my interview with Joel Dhanapal.

Links Mentioned in the episode


Wines/ Wineries



Learning Resources



Show Notes

  • How Joel got into wine 3:35
  • Champagne School 7:00
  • How come French wines are popular? [8:45]
  • What's Washington State's wine identity? [10:13]
  • Great value wines [12:15]
  • Wine buying tips pt. 1 [13:45]
  • Weddings and wine [16:15]
  • What does minerality in wine mean? [16:49]
  • Where do some wine flavors come from? [17:30]
  • Selling Christmas trees is kinda like selling wine... [19:34]
  • Selling fine wines in a 7/11 [19:40]
  • Good tip for wine stewards [20:55]
  • Secrets of the wine business [22:56]
  • Wine legalities and logistics [24:15]
  • How wineries can benefit from each other [26:55]
  • Is it hurtful for brands to have too many wines? [27:40]
  • One of Joel's educational resources [20:30]
  • Thoughtful insight on wine scores [30:00]
  • Do our tastes change as we age? [32:40]
  • Wine gifts for clients [33:00]
  • Wine and food pairings [34:00]
  • Good questions to ask at a wine shop [36:13]
  • Protecting against wine fraud [38:00]
  • Best wines to age [39:30]
  • Washington wine recommendations [41:20]
  • Traveling through Europe [46:40]
  • Taste where your at/ expanding your palate [48:30]
  • Wine tasting tips [50:20]

#1 Nick Davis

My first guest on the show is Nick Davis. Nick is a certified Advanced Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers. He is one of the youngest sommeliers in the nation to a have accomplished this challenging task. If you don’t know what a sommelier is you’ll have a better idea by the time this podcast is over. Or you can go ahead and google it. Nick has personally tasted thousands of wines and polished thousands of wine glasses while working at some very well known restaurants such as Canlis and RN74 in Seattle, WA. He also runs his own wine company called Medium Plus that is largely focused on wine education, service and events.

Thanks for listening to my conversation with Nick Davis!

Find Nick Online

Website / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

    What we were drinking...

    Links mentioned in this episode

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    Tools & Education

    Wine Producers


    Wine Shops

    Wine Conferences

    Show Notes

    • How to polish and/or “forge” your resume to land a new job [6:30]
    • How to outgrow being an introvert in the wine biz [8:00]
    • Blending music and wine [8:20]
    • What’s in Nicks glass? [9:25]
    • PRO TIP - preserving opened wines in the fridge [9:35]
    • WINE TOOL - What is a Coravin? [10:48]
    • Working at Canlis Restaurant [19:40]
    • Nick’s definition of “sommelier” [31:30]
    • An attempt to quantify how long it takes to become an Advanced Sommelier [45:55]
    • Sommelier study tips and memory techniques [47:50]
    • Getting to know world wine regions [53:20]
    • Challenging yourself [59:10]
    • Studying to become a Master Sommelier [1:02:14]
    • How to taste wine [1:06:04]
    • How to taste wine part 2 [1:15:30]
    • How to learn more about wine [1:17:05]
    • Great resources to learn more about wine [1:17:34]
    • Choosing good wine glasses [1:19:05]
    • More about Nick’s company, Medium Plus [1:23:00]
    • Why traveling is important [1:25:50]
    • Why attending wine events is important [1:27:10]

    Music in this episode

    "You Figure It Out" by Mt. St. Helgens