Max got a Bachelor's Degree in Global Wine Studies from Central Washington University, which meant he got to drink wine in class at 9 AM for two years.  After college, Max traveled to New Zealand to work at a winery during harvest, which was a great experience. Soon thereafter he worked at other wineries in Walla Walla, Washington and Gaston, Oregon. In these jobs he drug hoses around the winery, stirred tanks full of fermenting wine and stomped grapes (it's not as sexy as it seems)! Max has gained a lot of valuable experience working in large, medium and small production wineries. He's also had the opportunity to work on the retail side of things at Pete's Supermarket in Seattle for a while where he honed-in his salesmanship skills. Max currently manages the tasting room at Gamache Vintners in Prosser, Washington. In this role he gets to greet new faces daily and attempt to educate people about wine and enhance their tasting room experience. Max's goal is to help others learn about wine because he finds wine fascinating both when he's sober and slightly buzzed. That's why he came up with Winejets! The jets part stands for just enjoy the stuff. Max is focused on simplifying wine and making it easy and approachable for people to understand and enjoy more often.