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Tasting Note:

Right off the bat there's a nice caramel vanilla character with some really up front red fruit. Really popping on the nose. There's a floral component as well. Dried rose pedals.

Dried potpourri on the palate. Bone dry wine. Nice tannins. There's a pepper character along with some smoked meat and cherries.  

Not a super long finish but its still a solid effort by Mark Ryan. 

This wine is made with all Walla Walla fruit. Its an interesting wine for $32. Well priced.

max murreyComment

Tasting Note:

COLOR: Transparent brick red color

SMELL: Roses, brown sugar, cherries, potting soil and a bit of pickle juice.

FLAVOR: Starts with sour cherry and cinnamon. The mid palate pops with loads of tart cherry. 

FINISH: Tastes like I just ate a handful of soil and cherries and I really enjoy it. 

SUMMARY: This wine will age nicely. In 5 years time it will gain even more subtle complexities. Interesting wine for sure.